About us

Welcome to Tooth & Nail. We are a small studio specializing in handmade modern art and furniture.

We are committed to making timeless pieces that will last generations. We draw inspiration from two main sources; modern architecture and from the natural environment where we live, on the southern shore of Lake Superior. It is from these independent and complementary sources we craft or style.


  • Top 10 % award, Uptown Art Fair, 2009 Minneapolis MN
  • Best in wood, Kalamazoo Institute of Arts, 2012 Kalamazoo MI
  • Best in wood, Park Point Art Fair, 2012 Duluth MN
  • Best in wood, Art on the Rocks, 2012, Marquette MI
  • Best in 3-d, Art on the Rocks, 2013, Marquette MI
  • Best in wood, Art on the Rocks, 2014, Marquette MI
  • Merit Award, Wausau Festival of Arts, 2014 Wausau WI
  • Best in Show, Art in the Pearl, 2015, Portland OR
  • 3-D Honorable Mention, State Street Area Art Fair, 2016, Ann Arbor MI